Sananda Ascension Essences

Garden of SanandaThere is a Garden in Northern Virginia named Sananda, where Nature sings in harmony with human hearts and gifts her Essence to those in need. This Essence is expressed as living lights of liquid love, bottled and presented by Sananjaleen as the Sananda Ascension Essences. Flower and crystal essences that assist in purifying and transforming our lives.

Blessed by the cosmic forces in their expression of Light Rays and Great Masters from the Central Sun, these magical plant and mineral remedies aid in quickening our existence and accelerating our vibratory rate by activating sacred codings sealed within the inner template of our very being. As an anchor for higher vibrations, they offer support to our personal growth and inner knowing, our activation and expression of multidimensional Being. Our Ascension into Light.

FairiesThe essence of purity offered by the Garden of Sananda sustains the spirit in the soul's intensive longing for perfection. Providing vibrational upliftment, the Sananda Ascension Essences fast forward our consciousness!

Awareness in the experience of unconditional love is the true nature of each Essence, it is our personal need that dictates which one to use. Make your choice, affirm your intent, and place a drop or two under the tongue. Essences help our beliefs to expand, our emotions to dissipate and the Truth of our Being to shine through. They help us claim our Power and Sovereignty, to live our Ascension in joy and gladness.

Essences help us change our perspective and shift our awareness. Absorbed by the electronic patternings of each and every cell at a molecular level, they allow for a release or activation, a change or expansion in the belief system, in our way of thinking. Transformation! Which may include well being and lightening of the physical body. By transmuting or dissolving the related emotion that is causing our lack of clarity or tensions, we become more fully free to feel, and share and be. Essences are a wonderful support to any therapeutic or spiritual work.

Good friendsFlowers are God smiling. Treat yourself to a bottled smile from God! Take this gift from nature into your heart and life, and know their joy and lightness, their peace and beauty. Treat yourself to beautiful thoughts, peace of mind and joyful countenance! Essences may also be placed in a bowl of water and offered to any situation, condition or thing. They may be gifted to the Earth, the oceans, rivers and trees. Animals appreciate them in their water bowl or administered in diluted form with a plastic dropper.

Ascension - living and being our highest potential.


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Garden of Sananda and the Spirit of Peace




flowersThe new bottle of Moldavite is fantastic. I am still using your essences for people who are ready to pass over. My guides request your essences. -- NJ

I love especially the Dogwood and Easter Lily, they are gone from the bottles and are part of me now. -- CA

We were guided to use the Ascension Essences in preparing the land for gridwork. Could you please send more Moldavite! -- PA

I am taking your essences. They are very, very good for me. -- Japan

I have been testing regularly for the Crocosmia. All my relatives who received your essences are taking them - which is in itself a miracle! -- KY

Please send more of that essence that makes us 'buoyant as corks upon the water' (Cherry Bark). -- MI

I just wanted you to know - through some of my darkest times I turned to your essences. -- NC



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